Since 2013, Safeway has worked to bring new union jobs and affordable gas to Washington Square Shopping Center.


Safeway and its expert consultants provided the City and public with comprehensive analyses and fact-based responses:

April 1, 2019 Council Hearing Documents

Letters and materials prepared for 4/1/2019 City Council hearing.

4/1/2019 Safeway Letter to City re: Council continuance risk

3/29/2019 Miller Starr Regalia Letter to the City

3/28/2019 City Staff Report

3/28/2019 Safeway Letter to City re: Council bias

March 4, 2019 Council Hearing Documents

Letters and materials prepared for 3/4/2019 City Council hearing.

3/4/2019 Declaration from Attorney Amanda Monchamp

3/3/2019 Safeway Letter to City

3/2/2019 Soluri Meserve Letter to City

3/1/2019 City Staff Report 

January 2019 Safeway Letters

Series of letters from Safeway's legal team identifying legal errors in handling of Safeway Gas Station.

1/28/2019 Letter to Mayor and City Council

1/28/2019 Letter to City Attorney

1/24/2019 Letter to Mayor and City Council

1/2/2019 Letter to City Clerk

December 2, 2018 Council Hearing Documents

12/3/2018 Fox Report

12/3/2018 Soluri Meserve Letter

12/2/2018 Safeway Letter 

(Response to 11/30/2018 letters from Fox-Kapahi and Soluri)

12/1/2018 Safeway Letter

Legal analysis reiterating the basis for project approval.

11/14/2018 Safeway Letter

11/08/2018 BAAQMD Letter

10/10/2018 Safeway Letter

(Response to 9/17/2018 letters from BAAQMD and Fox-Kapahi)

10/5/2018 Safeway Letter

(Response to 9/17/2018 Comment letter from BAAQMD)

9/17/2018 Safeway Letter

(Response to 9/14/2018 Letter from Soluri Meserve on behalf of No Gas Here)

9/14/2018 Illingworth & Rodkin Letter 

(Response to 9/12/2018 Meridian Consultants Letter)

9/11/2018 Safeway Letter

(Response to 9/4/2018 Sierra Club Letter)

9/4/2018 Illingworth & Rodkin Memo 

(Response to 8/14/2018 Moira Sullivan Letter)

6/18/2018 Letter from Petaluma City Schools

(Follow up to 5/8/2018 I&R Letter)

6/6/2018 Illingworth & Rodkin

(Response to Questions from May 8, 2018 Planning Commission)

5/8/2018 Illingworth & Rodkin Letter

(Response to 5/7/2018 Environmental Science Associates Letter)

2017 City Response to Comments on Mitigated Negative Declaration

2017 Health Risk Assessment


2014 Health Risk Assessment


Washington Square Shopping Center

  • Neighborhood shopping center since 1961

  • 27 businesses, including Safeway, Staples, Planet Fitness

  • 300+ local jobs (additional 25-30 jobs planned)

  • $800,000 est. annual sales tax revenues to City of Petaluma


Proposed Gas Station

  • Permitted Use per City Zoning code

  • Small kiosk (697 square feet, no alcoholic beverages)

  • 8 gas islands

  • Up to $400,000 est. sales tax generated to City of Petaluma

  • Electrical Vehicle charging station

  • Rebuild Eastside Transit Center, pulling buses off Maria Dr.



  • Safeway submits application to City for gas station



  • Council Member Healy proposes gas station moratorium

  • City Council rejects moratorium

  • Safeway completes traffic, pedestrian/bike, air quality, noise, and other environmental studies

  • City proposes 14,000% increase in development impact fee for Safeway gas station (from $12,000 to $1,700,000)

  • Safeway notifies City of violations in proposed fee increase



  • City rescinds 14,000% increase, reassesses fee structure

  • Safeway merges with Albertson’s



  • Safeway meets with City Staff to review application status



  • Staff requests additional technical data and review

  • Safeway updates all studies and responds to several rounds of Staff comment



  • April 5, 2018 Environmental MND – public notice sent by Staff per State law

  • May 8, 2018 Planning Commission (continued to June 26)

  • June 19 and June 23 Open Houses

  • June 26, 2018 Planning Commission vote to approve MND and SPAR

  • July 9, 2018 JoAnn McEachin and "No Gas Here" file appeal of SPAR

  • September 17th City Council Hearing (postponed until December 3rd)

  • December 3rd City Council Hearing and vote to require Environmental Impact Report for project


  • January 28th City Council meeting to address Brown Act violations in City's 12/3/18 City Council hearing

  • March 4th City Council Meeting to reconsider Appeal

  • April 1st City Council Meeting to deny appeal and uphold Planning Commission approval


  • 16 project analyses and reviews– most in City of Petaluma and Safeway history for a gas station!

  • Reports conclude project meets all guidelines for health, safety, traffic, environment 

​Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Studies

1. Traffic Impact Study (TKJM, August 2014) [Note: includes pedestrian and bike]


2. Traffic Study Update (CHS Consulting Group, March 2018) [Note: includes pedestrian and bike]


3. Supplemental Pedestrian Safety Analysis (CHS Consulting Group, June 6, 2018) [additional pedestrian safety assessment and intersection data]


4. Wymer & Associates Traffic Study Peer Review (September 14, 2018)

Air Quality Studies and Health Risk Assessments (HRAs)


5. Air Pollutant and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment (Illingworth & Rodkin, January 2014)

6. Health Risk Assessment (Illingworth & Rodkin, January 2014)

7. Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Survey (Cardno ATC, May 2013)

8. Environmental Noise Assessment (Illingworth & Rodkin, April 2014 – revised in 2017)

9. Air Pollutant and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Assessment Update (Illingworth & Rodkin, September 2017)

10. Health Risk Assessment Update (Illingworth & Rodkin, September 2017)

11. School District peer review of Health Risk Assessment (ESA, May 7, 2018)

12. Safeway response to School District peer review (Illingworth & Rodkin, May 8, 2018)

13. Supplemental response to Planning Commission re: HRA (Illingworth & Rodkin, June 6, 2018) 

14. School District letter accepting Illingworth & Rodkin study (June 18, 2018)*

15. Response to Comments made by Moira Sullivan (Illingworth & Rodkin, September 4, 2018)

16. Comments of Proposed Safeway Fuel Center MND (Meridian Consultants, September 12, 2018)

17. BAAQMD Comments on Safeway Fuel Project (September 17, 2018)

18. Fox-Kapahi Comments on the Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (September 17, 2018)

19. Updated Modeling Results with AERMOD Dispersion Model (Illingworth & Rodkin, October 10, 2018)

20. BAAQMD Comments on Health Risk Assessments (November 8, 2018)

*Note: Petaluma City Schools has accepted project finding of no significant health risk. (6/19/18)



Public Discussion and Review

  • 7+ Years of public discussion and debate

  • 15+ City Council and Planning Commission meetings with feedback provided via public comment and elected officials

  • 4 Resubmittals of Application until deemed complete

  • Approval by Pedestrian & Bicycle Advisory Committee

  • Approval by Transit Advisory Committee

  • Multiple On-Site Meetings with City Staff


Community Outreach and Media


  • 40+ Press Articles, Editorials, Op-Eds, letters to the editor, and blog posts

  • 2,400+ “Yes” votes on supporter Petitions


  • Extensive In-Store communication with customers, including detailed FAQ


  • One-on-one meetings with public meeting attendees and community members


  • In-Person meetings with representatives from adjacent schools


  • Mailer sent to Safeway customers provided detailed information on the project


  • Petaluma Chamber of Commerce endorsement


  • Four (4) community open houses at project site